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Hangouts for Android supports SMS, shared coordinates, Animated GIF.

Last night, Google held a press conference several new features of Google+ Hangouts from the start which is now a brand of communications products Just GI

Apps Hangouts for Android have a new feature 3

  • can get – Send SMS I have already met earlier news stating that Google will use Hangouts is the SMS app instead of the original SMS app Android (screenshot can be seen from the discussion. SMS is an SMS that contains suspended in the picture)
  • shared coordinates to be in conversation with the likes of Google Maps, and now we will see the coordinates in Google Maps as well, allowing more convenient time to tell your friends
  • support the animated GIF then it will automatically play the message

live web service Hangouts On Air

  • supports transfer in advance. Invite previously scheduled. When you start it. I came to visit auto
  • Watch Page Google+ page for people to see the promo for SNL
  • Control Room while live. Administrator can control the audio and video of people to join the conversation now. Reducing the volume of some

Finally the video call service

Hangouts has two new features

  • fullscreen mode on both desktops and mobile laptop
  • mode automatically adjusts exposure. The backlight because dizziness

video call feature of Hangouts for Android and will be available in the next few days ahead of the Hangouts On Air to wait a while

Source – Official Google Blog , + Google



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Nokia reveals the Lumia data transfer RAW DNG files and sample images from Lumia 1020.

news Lumia 1520 for shooting RAW, Update for Lumia 1020 early next year latest Nokia revealed. information through the blog Nokia Conversations. As follows:

  • smart phone to support RAW photos have two Lumia 1520 and 1020 was only
  • RAW format that Nokia is using Digital Negative (DNG), a format created by Adobe and certainly open. It can be opened with Photoshop or Lightroom it
  • RAW shooting features will not be enabled as a default. Users must set up their own apps in Nokia Camera by switching to store large files from JPG to DNG instead (Nokia Camera will also create small files like JPG)
  • Nokia has posted a preview of the DNG JPG Lumia 1020 compared to the block because a very large file (40MB), I do it to themselves to see it. (My cat from Thailand!)

Source – Nokia Conversations

Nokia RAW Options



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Google+ users per month, 540 million users, 300 million active stream.

Last night, Google announced a new feature of Google+ (as a separate single news etc) and unveiled Google+ usage statistics for the last

  • Users Google+ (counted from all the services of Google to connect with Google+) is equal to 540 million monthly active user
  • This number increased from

  • announced at Google I / O 2013 to approximately 400 million people per month
  • Users Google+ (the only users who log into the main page of Google+), representing the 300 million monthly active user
  • Picture was posted to Google+ with 1.5 billion per week
  • posting videos to Google+ rate increased 20-fold (undisclosed amount)

Source – Google , Marketing Land

culminating inventory of Google+ Blognone (which I do not post much) I



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Twitter apps and start playback – Video Timeline then.

Twitter announced a new updated version of the application. iPhone / Android. The major change is to display pictures and video on the timeline, then the default. Limitation is also only images – video of a particular domain

    Only the

  • pictures posted via the Twitter
  • specific video that is posted through Vine

Twitter has announced that it will begin to show the image – this same video on the web soon

Source – Twitter



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[Rumors] less and less time – BlackBerry Facebook to meet the interest acquired.

WSJ reported that the BlackBerry Administration met on Facebook last week to ask an interest in the acquisition. The conclusion that there is no out of Facebook do not buy or

Until now, the proposed acquisition is the only BlackBerry group Fairfax If BlackBerry can not find other buyers to gain better within November 4 this deal was. to end the group Fairfax

Source: WSJ (requires login) and Business Insider



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Dell completed the repurchase of stock and so forth. With effect from today.

Dell reported. After the company announced repurchase all to exit the stock to a private company. February. When shareholders This plan in September. The whole process is now complete. The total 24.9 billion

Dell’s stock has traded on the last day of October 29, when the company changed from a private company would have the flexibility to manage more and more

Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell said today marks a new chapter to the Dell. The entire team of 110,000 people around the world are ready to share the implementation of the long term strategy of the organization

Source: Business Wire



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Nokia’s third quarter – Lumia sales increased to 8.8 million units.

Nokia reported a third quarter of 2013, total revenues decreased 22% compared to the same period last year to 5.66 billion euros, but profit from operations increased 139% to 215 million euros. and a net loss of 86 million euros, this is the first report a Microsoft to acquire the mobile phone business , which is also a loss of 86 million euros in operating

Lumia has sold 8.8 million units in the quarter, up from 7.4 million units last quarter, as sales reached 1.4 million units in the U.S. and has sold 5.9 million units and Asha mobile phone sales total is 64.6 million.

from this figure that if the mobile phone business, Nokia cut off. Overview Nokia will return to profitability as soon as it can reduce the cost burden now to be

Source: Nokia and The Verge [1] . , [2]



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