Nokia released the Lumia Black Lumia 925 Lumia 1020 and then the other the next few weeks.

Nokia announced that it has begun to release the Lumia Black Lumia 925 Lumia 1020 and the updated version of the Lumia Black in one to two weeks ahead

In addition to the Lumia Black

Windows Phone 8 Update 3 , there are software and other updates from Nokia on the horses. with the following

App Folder app that allows users to group apps and settings in the same quartile. (Like a folder) on the Start screen

Update I have an App Folder and then use it to even install Lumia Black I (try the Lumia 720)

  • Nokia Glance screen 2.0 Support for display of alarm calls that do not get incoming calls, messages, email, calendar appointments. Or other applications that include features such as alerts Facebook Twitter
  • Bluetooth LE
  • Nokia Refocus apps image first focus later. Only a machine with 1 GB of RAM to be available
  • Nokia Beamer apps share screen mobile to any compatible device. HTML5 only machine with 1 GB of RAM to be available
  • Nokia Storyteller apps that can be compiled from the latest photos automatically so. pictures will be positioned on the map HERE Maps automatically, and users can search for places to go
  • Nokia Camera Added support for DNG files and run apps on the Lumia 1020 under the lock screen on the Lumia models full. Allows users to take photos without having to type the password to unlock the screen before ( old news )
  • improved algorithm Photography as a new oversampling algorithms make the image look more natural and reduces the interference (noise) while maintaining the sharpness of the image

Source: Nokia Conversations



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