Select a song in the car easier SwiftKey keyboard port Car Audio.

We just saw the news

Swype keyboard port to down clock Galaxy Gear the competitors SwiftKey is not inferior. Car Audio Keyboard Version is for you

SwiftKey partnering with Clarion Car Audio renowned manufacturer of Malaysia’s SwiftKey keyboard for Clarion AX1 vehicle entertainment system, which uses the Android operating system is already filled. (Reply to email and watch YouTube from front console)

indicate that the use

SwiftKey keyboard finger for the front control panel. It allows users to enter text to find a song or find it more convenient QWERTY keyboard fingers

Clarion AX1

now on sale in some Southeast Asian countries. And will begin to penetrate the American market – Europe later this year

Source – SwiftKey .

video demos of Clarion AX1



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Price reduction alone is not enough Motorola Moto X Event Promotion buy it Chromecast.

Motorola Moto X recently cut the price of non-contract in the U.S. dropped to $ 399 (13,500 baht) last week. But it is not enough Latest Motorola held a special promotion for a limited time (Jan 8-14) plus Chromecast the Moto X orders through Motorola’s website at

Moto X has launched a no contract price of $ 579, but it rarely sold out and to prices come down and special promotions during Cyber ​​Monday

Source – 9to5google



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Nokia released the Lumia Black Lumia 925 Lumia 1020 and then the other the next few weeks.

Nokia announced that it has begun to release the Lumia Black Lumia 925 Lumia 1020 and the updated version of the Lumia Black in one to two weeks ahead

In addition to the Lumia Black

Windows Phone 8 Update 3 , there are software and other updates from Nokia on the horses. with the following

App Folder app that allows users to group apps and settings in the same quartile. (Like a folder) on the Start screen

Update I have an App Folder and then use it to even install Lumia Black I (try the Lumia 720)

  • Nokia Glance screen 2.0 Support for display of alarm calls that do not get incoming calls, messages, email, calendar appointments. Or other applications that include features such as alerts Facebook Twitter
  • Bluetooth LE
  • Nokia Refocus apps image first focus later. Only a machine with 1 GB of RAM to be available
  • Nokia Beamer apps share screen mobile to any compatible device. HTML5 only machine with 1 GB of RAM to be available
  • Nokia Storyteller apps that can be compiled from the latest photos automatically so. pictures will be positioned on the map HERE Maps automatically, and users can search for places to go
  • Nokia Camera Added support for DNG files and run apps on the Lumia 1020 under the lock screen on the Lumia models full. Allows users to take photos without having to type the password to unlock the screen before ( old news )
  • improved algorithm Photography as a new oversampling algorithms make the image look more natural and reduces the interference (noise) while maintaining the sharpness of the image

Source: Nokia Conversations



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[CES 2014] Yellow Jacket iPhone case that turns into a shock.





the case that turns the iPhone into a thermal imaging camera then at the CES 2014 is also the case that turns your iPhone into a shock of electricity for use. as well as self-defense weapons

name is Yellow Jacket , a case developed by the same name. When I first started the project funding through the Yellow Jacket Indiegogo in 2012. The first products to electrical shock Case for iPhone 4 or 4s for CES 2014 at the latest in the case was a prototype for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s on display then. In the future, there are plans to build a Yellow Jacket Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 as well

Yellow Jacket Case with circuit voltages up to 650,000 volts and even shock while discharging the iPhone will still operate normally without any problems from the aftermath of the high voltage. But somehow

for the first products to use with the iPhone 4 and 4s has a price of $ 99 per piece for the new Yellow Jacket for iPhone 5 and 5s will go on sale in February at a price of $ 149 per piece

can see images of the Case for the iPhone 5 and 5s and a video demonstrating the use case for the iPhone 4 and 4s have the news

Source – CNET , SlashGear



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Not again! Carbon for Android Full Token problem after updating to version 2 released.

year, we see a Epic developer’s apps. Twitter played one to down play of the non-stop Twitter. And ended up turning into a mask of applications only. Through the events of that time, about 6 months we had the unfortunate new waste

by unfortunate that there is Carbon for Android Apple’s original bloodline of webOS and Twitter. Windows Phone called me by that application dotlines Token brings a very unusual problem. And previously received email notification that Token is running out, but I do not think this will end soon. And this must be carefully monitored to


Carbon for Android has been downloaded from the. 100,000-500,000 each scored 4.1 points and just review the recent major upgrade. Initially it is assumed that Twitter might change the algorithm of the API again to cut the pipe shorter vitreous. The updated version 2.0 was recently changed to use the API for that as well. Therefore, it is concluded that the problem of course is not really full Token or because Twitter actually am


dotlines up now alert users of Google Play it successfully. I use it not just hit it out of the system. It will not log back into it

Source – Android Police



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Sony India announced the launch of PlayStation 4 at North Central Terminal 21 is due to the political unrest.

after the news that Sony Ericsson Thailand Ltd. will import the PlayStation 4 is official distributor in Thailand. And will be held the official launch of the North Central Terminal 21 Sukhumvit Road then. Latest represent Flashfly confirmed that Sony Thailand. Sony to cancel the event on that date down. It is a result of the political unrest in Bangkok. The fear that the danger to those who joined me


Sony Thailand has revealed that the PlayStation 4 set for sale in India, still adhere to the original schedule. The starting pay for a person to Pre-Order and open to the Walk-in to buy it from 14 January onwards. And on such date will be distributed according to a Sony Style store and. Life to play with it

Source – Flashfly



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iSwimband head harness to help consciously remind the child drowned.





for parents worried about the safety of children who like to swim. iSwimband head harness to help consciously remind the user when the user is wearing it is submerged. May help resolve this concern

iSwimband a head harness to signal an alarm when the wearer is under water too long. Notification will be made via a smart phone app installed for iSwimband especially so if the parents let the kids wear it while swimming. I will know immediately if a child was drowning. Or under the water for too long The user can adjust the length of time that the right to bear iSwimband under water before reminding them how long a period of time

iSwimband is available in the U.S. state of Texas and Arizona each piece of $ 150 will be extended out to arcades in early April this year

even the appearance of iSwimband may not appeal to the wearer. But the concept of using computer equipment for safety purposes, dressed to the user’s interest, not least

Source – Ubergizmo



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