NVIDIA Tegra 3 and Tegra 4 to send the car of Audi.

NVIDIA Announces Tegra K1 models for the data processing in-car wireless driver , but it’s still a long time off. to see the actual product Today see products that are close to each other more better

NVIDIA hand carmaker Audi announced a car entertainment system used several versions of the Tegra processor

  • in-car entertainment system (Modular Infotainment Platform) that uses Tegra 3 can run Google Earth and Google Street View car Audi has to start from next year onwards
  • Smart Display multimedia system for rear seat (rear-seat), a tablet, a 10.2 inch screen that runs Android and Tegra 4 with Google Play, designed to work in all environments, from -40 degrees to. to 80 degrees, impact and vibration while driving
  • digital panel screen 12.3 “high resolution. Map showing the three-dimensional graphics and beautiful. Tegra 3 processor and will be available in the Audi TT model year 2015 (Table I)

Source – NVIDIA



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[CES 2014] Samsung Galaxy Gear show connected power cars BMW i3.

Samsung announced a partnership with the automobile company BMW shows new features of the Galaxy Gear Clock For Car Power BMW i3

Galaxy Gear watches are named BMW i Remote application for the status of vehicles in areas such as power status that door tight or not, the battery status and charging status of the car today. And check that the car needed a service center or not

We also need to determine the coordinates Galaxy Gear with voice input, submit data to show the screen of the BMW i3 has

Source – Samsung Tomorrow , BMW



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I own a Samsung Galaxy S5 Gear on sale March or April, and new releases.

This is not news, it is rumored

Lee Young Hee of Samsung Mobile executive said in an interview with Bloomberg’s Galaxy S5 as follows:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be on sale in March or April. Which is traditionally the company already
  • Galaxy S5 Galaxy Gear will come with the new version (which should be named Gear 2) with increased capacity. And a sportier design than the original. Solution to the bulky size
  • Samsung

  • do the iris scan technology in mobile phones and laptops. But still can not decide whether to keep Galaxy S5 or not
  • He admitted that the Galaxy S4

  • looks not much different from the Galaxy S III makes the response not good enough, but for Samsung Galaxy S5 designed to look new again
  • screen technology and mobile tools to cover the edges may put it up Galaxy Note 4 in the second half of 2014
  • 2013 Samsung to focus on the tablet market by 2014, but will return to the tablet market, more

Source – Bloomberg



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[Rumor] Surface 3 Surface Mini supports LTE on the end of the year, Xbox TV may chip Mullins.

@ MSFTnerd revealed Microsoft’s plans for the future as follows:

  • Microsoft will add support for the Intel chip features InstantGo Bay Trail + (understanding that the chip codenamed Bay Trail or higher), AMD Mullins and Intel Broadwell in Windows 8.1 Update 1 (with news that it will release updates as of the second quarter of this year)
  • Surface 3 to CPU Tegra K1 dual-core CPU code to be released by the end of Denver. this year
  • Surface Mini supports LTE will come to market this year
  • Xbox TV company decided to use the AMD chips Mullins recent show in CES 2014 instead of chips that Samsung designed specifically or not
  • company decided not to continue the project Surface chip Temash (because chips Temash. Is replaced by Mullins ?) Project notebook brand Surface been suspended

Source: Microsoft-News .



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Valve reveals reason for choosing Debian SteamOS fear legal problems with Ubuntu.

camp Valve has a good relationship with the project, with the Steam version of Ubuntu Linux is only supported on Ubuntu but on Valve launches SteamOS is a small flip dart. When companies choose to develop on Debian instead of Ubuntu

Gabe Newell, founder of Valve explained this to the German media Heise.de that Valve was determined using Ubuntu at first, but that uncertainties legal (legal uncertainties) of some software that comes with Ubuntu, the company had to change. The Debian later, that adversely affect the Valve to develop software available in Ubuntu but on Debian itself

Gabe is not clearly identifiable legal problem of Ubuntu is evidence?

Source – Heise.de via OMG Ubuntu



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CAT send details to secure the assembly to a central network information provider (IDC).

CAT documentation distributed to a central network information provider (IDC) within CAT Tower Building Branch Rak document number “CAT Resort. (PS) / 0047”. The Asset Development, dated January 7, 2557 with the following thematic

of CAT preparation in the political situation. From January 12, 2557 as follows:

  1. provide police security to CAT Tower Building Number 2 Squadron
  2. officials are preparing for CAT control utilities. And telecommunications systems Strict

    This is a security measure in case the assembly into the area following a CAT Tower Building

  3. encouraged those who work in the building adjacent to the clear identification. If the baggage must pass inspection before a building

  4. close the door all the way to and along New Road. By police surveillance. By prohibiting access into the area is strictly prohibited. The car has an urgent need to access – the area. Will use the side door on the Thailand Post Company Limited only and if the situation can not be trusted. Do not open the door of the testing room
  5. off all the elevators You need to leave the building using the fire escape to the number 2 is way down below. Do not use the elevator shipments – Out during emergency situations
  6. asked to notify And come in contact with internal departments such measure this
  7. case of MEA power generation can not afford to use electricity to buildings PLC power supply. It reduces power to a power down until the power of MEA


CAT to assess periodically



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Qualys reports HTTPS on Yahoo! Mail is not good.

Yahoo! Mail has the HTTPS service all the time shortly Ivan Ristic from Qualys report the encoding of Yahoo! That are not satisfactory, because the use of RC4 and the key exchange process is confidentiality in the future (forward secrecy)


Qualys found that The encryption function functionality. By the server in login.yahoo.com Used a password to use AES encryption more secure. But it does not prevent new attacks, such as BEAST or CRIME anyway

key exchange process has been previously always traded with RSA encryption key, a key on both sides. But back to protect in case the server is hacked then the key to decrypt the data. Experts often recommend the use of encryption, key exchange process. Diffie-Hellman No keys are exported from it. Despite intercepted data communications make it. And the secret key to decrypt it later did not

piercing even to steal the secret key from the device will not report very often. But the concerns of many experts recommend using NSA making process to ensure that support forward secrecy

for Thailand Most banks use the RSA key exchange and RC4 encryption which is not confidential in the future. Only some, but redeemable AES_256 encryption keys with RSA

Source – IT World



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