Not again! Carbon for Android Full Token problem after updating to version 2 released.

year, we see a Epic developer’s apps. Twitter played one to down play of the non-stop Twitter. And ended up turning into a mask of applications only. Through the events of that time, about 6 months we had the unfortunate new waste

by unfortunate that there is Carbon for Android Apple’s original bloodline of webOS and Twitter. Windows Phone called me by that application dotlines Token brings a very unusual problem. And previously received email notification that Token is running out, but I do not think this will end soon. And this must be carefully monitored to


Carbon for Android has been downloaded from the. 100,000-500,000 each scored 4.1 points and just review the recent major upgrade. Initially it is assumed that Twitter might change the algorithm of the API again to cut the pipe shorter vitreous. The updated version 2.0 was recently changed to use the API for that as well. Therefore, it is concluded that the problem of course is not really full Token or because Twitter actually am


dotlines up now alert users of Google Play it successfully. I use it not just hit it out of the system. It will not log back into it

Source – Android Police



                     Twitter, Mobile App, Android



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