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ICT solutions for the NBTC. Because contradictory laws. Enforcement issues.

yesterday (29 Aug) N.a. bred conservative dit Navy Hospital ICT minister. As enterprises, TOT and CAT governance minister to discuss the NBTC. Were offered to the Telecommunications Law, 3rd edition

  • Frequency Allocation Act and directed the operation of radio broadcasting. Television And the Telecommunications Act 2553 (Act NBTC.)
  • business Broadcasting Act. December 2551
  • Telecommunications Act. December 2544

reason is these laws are conflicting. The announcing of the NBTC. Had problems with it. The introduction of ICT to the NBTC. Would set up a joint committee to consider Before being submitted to the State Council approved the following

Source – Policy



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Flickr for iOS updated, new screen shots added overhaul Live Filter.

Flickr updates from Apple’s own iOS version, focusing on parts of the photography. Added features include

  • Live Filters to display the filters when I do
  • show that grid point, lock focus and spot metering (exposure point) in the photos
  • change filters after shooting. Without leaving the screen of the camera
  • of photo adjustments such as exposure, color and crop / sharpen the image of the page

Source – Flickr Blog



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PS4 development team expects that it may take 3-4 years for maximum efficiency of the air conditioning.

after the official launch of the Play Station 4 earlier and Announces Release Date to Gamescom 2013 in the past in the same way Mark Cerny Polygon interviewed the team leader. PS4 development goals and details the development

development team targeted a performance superior to the present one, the PS4 PS3 about 10 times on the PS3 and PS4 comparative examples to show by playing the same game in the Akihabara district of Japan, when people walk through will be satisfied. the performance difference of PS4 until you feel a need to own it. With bookings now with over one million team think that is proof that they do successfully

Mark Cerny said at the beginning of the PS3 I have heard many people complain that the quality of the graphics was not quite different from the PS2, which means that people expect with the next generation consoles much PS4 and Xbox One

but with architecture similar to a computer in the modern era that Cerny was told that it was already computing power. So it is like a computer with a unified memory (RAM does not distinguish between the VRAM), it is not difficult to learn, but it takes time for the full capacity of around 3-4 years

Source – Polygon a Gamespot



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Google came back with a SQL database F1.

current NoSQL database system that many companies are trying to upgrade the database during the last few years. Google it yourself in Google App Engine using GQL but it is not even similar to SQL. across the table, but can join in on the financial system and a lot of money off of Google AdWords is a need to develop SQL

F1 system design conditions that must be distributed with the same load at the same time to support NoSQL ACID to guarantee that the amount to be precise. And because the business side is the need to support the full SQL

F1 data distribution across the data center. By the load that will be selected to connect to the data center. While each center will have multiple servers share the same storage system, the storage system to guarantee Spanner storage of backups. And distribution

odd one point of F1 is the internal storage is a nice build. (Hierarchical) relationship between tables rather than linked with a number of tables in the join table is in the same structure, it is much better

GI talked F1 since last year. But this year has just published a report that is designed to offer more Very Large Database (VLDB) 2013

Source – The Register , F1: A Distributed SQL Database That Scales (PDF)



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That Xiaomi will release a 7-inch tablet?

Xiaomi mobile companies in China that are the hottest right now. Held a press conference to launch a new product, 5 September

interesting at the invitation of China’s Xiaomi to the media that is too large cardboard envelope normally. Which is similar in size to the tablet size is 7-8 inches, so it may be a sign of the Xiaomi hinted that it will launch its first tablet computer. (After rejection of the tablet has always been) is not

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Printers Samsung unveiled a new concept: the dock connector for mobile printing, a built-in audio system.

announced that Samsung will show off a new line of Printers to be held at the IFA 2013 in Berlin the following

  • Wave Printers with a minimalist design and a rounded life with the dock connector on the smart phone and then be able to print content. Lucasfilm mobile instant
  • Indie Printers retro shape. And that stereo dock allows users to plug into the smart phone to print from mobile content directly. Samsung said that the phone is charging while plugged into the dock at the same time. But did not give more details as to what they sound
  • One & One is a monochrome laser printers, the user can add one color to another color. By a blue-green color with a purple, red and yellow

Source: Samsung Tomorrow a The Verge



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Pioneer car stereo model years 2014 through MTP compatible with Android phones already.

MTP (media transfer protocol) immediately

MTP feature is available for Android 4.0 and above, but if an older version of Android is to mount the mass storage to be played (the embedded device that supports iOS before)

audio version 8, including the DEH-X6600BS, DEH-X6600BT, DEH-X5600HD, DEH-X4600BT, DEH-X3600S, DEH-X3600UI, DEH-X2600UI, FH-X500UI

Source – CNET.



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