Hangouts for Android supports SMS, shared coordinates, Animated GIF.

Last night, Google held a press conference several new features of Google+ Hangouts from the start which is now a brand of communications products Just GI

Apps Hangouts for Android have a new feature 3

  • can get – Send SMS I have already met earlier news stating that Google will use Hangouts is the SMS app instead of the original SMS app Android (screenshot can be seen from the discussion. SMS is an SMS that contains suspended in the picture)
  • shared coordinates to be in conversation with the likes of Google Maps, and now we will see the coordinates in Google Maps as well, allowing more convenient time to tell your friends
  • support the animated GIF then it will automatically play the message

live web service Hangouts On Air

  • supports transfer in advance. Invite previously scheduled. When you start it. I came to visit auto
  • Watch Page Google+ page for people to see the promo for SNL
  • Control Room while live. Administrator can control the audio and video of people to join the conversation now. Reducing the volume of some

Finally the video call service

Hangouts has two new features

  • fullscreen mode on both desktops and mobile laptop
  • mode automatically adjusts exposure. The backlight because dizziness

video call feature of Hangouts for Android and will be available in the next few days ahead of the Hangouts On Air to wait a while

Source – Official Google Blog , + Google



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