Review HP Chromebook 11, Chromebook is the reputed “Made with Google”.

Chrome OS is an operating system for a second that Google released the Android side. With the idea that almost everything we use today are on the web already. Why do we need a systematic approach to doing things. I have a lot of difficulty in use. The GI is a major partner Samsung. Pairs out until the Samsung Chromebook can compete on one of the Amazon since it launched. Today one can still dominate a strong liver

while trying to put Google Chromebook prototype should be developed Chromebook Pixel own the highest specification Chromebook together. Touch screen high quality CPU power to be overshadowed by expensive until most people avoid buying

This year we saw many manufacturers focus Chromebook and released several versions. But among them all. Google to launch HP Chromebook 11 deliberately self and give it the name necklace that the suffix “Made with Google”

Chromebook 11 became a dream that the Chromebook will feature a number of Chromebook Pixel is submitted. Prices are down Chromebook 11 were branded as coming from Google with stripe color behind the logo Made with Google on the box, the chrome below the screen, while the logo HP itself back under the machine and on the box

air around us is hardly noticed. This machine has only four ports and two USB 2.0 ports, only the port, micro USB port, one, and the headphone and microphone headset

Chrome OS when powering up. It will allow us to connect to Wi-Fi in an instant, and before everything went to download the update process. Update lasted long enough may take 10-15 minutes to complete, it will reboot when the update operation

use Chrome OS must be logged in with your Google Account. For keyboard, I chose to add it later, because it does not want to choose the installation language, Thailand. But as you see, try to choose a Thailand-based interface that all the preparations are complete, Thailand. Changing language with button CTRL + Spacebar. Which is easily adaptable. And in my mind I see it, press ALT + SHIFT Windows much easier

Chromebook 11 highly acclaimed in the international media. In terms of screen quality. I try to use it with. But even a high-resolution display glass. Somewhat less glare. Compared to laptops in the same price

Chromebook 11

keyboard is quite impressive. Full QWERTY keyboard. Have a deep collapse. Printing easy. The sound is quite good when printed. It is comparable to a notebook cost tens middle. To be comfortable. While not alone, most laptops that I come across. Often have strange layouts. Or viscosity is not suitable for printing longer. The touchpad is quite a lot to get the blame. Google and HP chose to adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad is quite high. The default difficulty. I tried to compensate for the sensitivity of the touchpad surface like coarse sand or thin. In actual use, I recommend to reduce the sensitivity of the touchpad down

story may be a bit surprising is that the Chromebook 11 off the top part of the keyboard. But the shutdown is to press and hold. Do not be afraid, but somehow I accidentally press the

speakers Chromebook 11 counts that actually works. Listen to music from the comfort of a lightweight sound

even when the device is all plastic. Last but not buckled to anything. The advantages to be back clearly is just one kilogram weight was only a little bit lighter as I’ve just used a vice Surface shaped differently. Lap and can not work. For weight. To think that the charger Chromebook 11 is very small. Charge as a mobile telephone or a tablet, the only big weight when carrying out the work will be much less. Includes micro USB charger to charge mobile phones with them. Used to travel long distances to carry less overall again

corner of the Chromebook 11 can extend to a maximum of about 120 degrees, for general use, it was very convenient. Loose a crook. Spread with no symptoms, but when I swing it. The disadvantage of the screen is not very spread out. Is its use in narrow places such as car seats can be difficult because the screen does not match the vision I


the Chromebook 11 is its Exynos 5250 CPU, I found no problems in using the web in general. Rendering format is slower than the Intel family does. (Compared to Linux and Windows), but I can use it without any problems. What was most obvious was the first video to 720P video decoding are not prepared to have the latest spasm in five to ten seconds almost every time. Advantages that have returned from Exynos is no Chromebook 11 fan altogether. Case closed. And completely silent operation. In terms of the heat. After the video starts to feel the heat around the area. Crook clearly. But it’s not too hot to put on your lap. While the print or the web, it was only just warm

as I use now. After unplugging the battery life that can survive for another five hours. 80% screen brightness and Wi-Fi disappointing that it is not enough to use all day. And less than Intel’s family came together again. But compensated with a small adapter and battery life enough to use the charger to charge the phone fully charge the laptop back, it was almost enough to forgive each other

Chromebook 11 because i personally would write on all the blogs that I write Writebox The application is now on Chrome Chromebook 11 suitable check news, blogging, emailing, which is used primarily for working outside the home of my own. I want the best quality keyboard on a limited budget for the trip too. Cheap enough for the impact to be vulnerable to damage, and

Chromebook 11 would not be suitable for people who need more than this. Connecting an external monitor to the adapter SlimPort to buy can be difficult. And shared with others rarely do. Entertainment on a Chromebook 11 rather limited. CPU speed to low and low storage files are not suitable for the film to carry it out

for applications that require “more than a little Chromebook” I think the Acer C720 and Haswell processors are connected to a lot more interesting than that. It is also cheaper. But it comes at a monitor and keyboard that many web critics as inferior. Charging port charger specifically forbidden forgotten. The Acer C720 is now in the U.S. there is no generic available



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