New game “Get Even” – how true Next-Gen game?






through the launch of a new console generation (next-gen console) to damping, but still no-where branded Next-Gen that is really a game I have not shown the potential of the console. What’s new with

suddenly I stumbled on to this game, “Get Even” is a game that uses scanning technology environment called Thorskan scene and scanned into the game. The result is a detailed and realistic that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing or scene in the game (each one is scanned from real people) and he said that the real Trailer 2-3 shock. The only remaining rendering from the game before!

Thorskan technology is invented and developed by the Polish Better Reality of it is working. Scan the details from the real into the computer. Then create a high-resolution three-dimensional model once again. Originally developed for use in the ad industry and Hollywood movies, but he claims that the gaming industry with a

back to the game as of now the game does not tell you anything more at all. I just went to a game between the singleplayer and multiplayer shooter that blends together (hybrid single / multiplayer shooter) featuring focus on memories of the protagonist to have an impact on the story of the game. And will be available in 2015

can watch video scan with a scene at the end of the game Thorskan and Trailer News Post

Source – Kotaku 1 2

Get Even Trailer

Thorskan Scan Sample



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