CAT send details to secure the assembly to a central network information provider (IDC).

CAT documentation distributed to a central network information provider (IDC) within CAT Tower Building Branch Rak document number “CAT Resort. (PS) / 0047”. The Asset Development, dated January 7, 2557 with the following thematic

of CAT preparation in the political situation. From January 12, 2557 as follows:

  1. provide police security to CAT Tower Building Number 2 Squadron
  2. officials are preparing for CAT control utilities. And telecommunications systems Strict

    This is a security measure in case the assembly into the area following a CAT Tower Building

  3. encouraged those who work in the building adjacent to the clear identification. If the baggage must pass inspection before a building

  4. close the door all the way to and along New Road. By police surveillance. By prohibiting access into the area is strictly prohibited. The car has an urgent need to access – the area. Will use the side door on the Thailand Post Company Limited only and if the situation can not be trusted. Do not open the door of the testing room
  5. off all the elevators You need to leave the building using the fire escape to the number 2 is way down below. Do not use the elevator shipments – Out during emergency situations
  6. asked to notify And come in contact with internal departments such measure this
  7. case of MEA power generation can not afford to use electricity to buildings PLC power supply. It reduces power to a power down until the power of MEA


CAT to assess periodically



                     CAT Telecom, Data Center, IDC, Internet, Thailand



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