ThinkPad X1 Carbon Specification Upgrades for 2014, screen resolution, Adaptive Keyboard.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon the notebook ThinkPad ultrabook laptop carbon fiber material is used ( launch price of 1,399 dollars ), but after it was first launched in mid-2012, it will not be updated again


Lenovo X1 Carbon Capture Spectroscopy original shape adapted by the main switch to the fourth generation of Intel Core Haswell, adjust the screen resolution up to 2560×1440 (with a few models to choose from 1600×900, 2560×1440. do not touch, 2560×1440 touch), the battery up to 9 hours with Rapid Charge technology to charge the battery fully 80% within an hour, weight 1.3 kg ( Spectroscopy profile )

the software is Windows 8.1, a software Voice of the Dragon, and features a waving Gesture used to change the slide presentation

Another important change is the new QWERTY keyboard (again) called Adaptive Keyboard button on the top row (F1-F12) was changed from a real button with LED touch button which will change according to the situation. serves as the F1-F12 keys and control keys (like volume, brightness adjustment) video link from Engadget


ThinkPad X1 Carbon Pricing starts at 1,299 dollars on sale late Jan

addition, Lenovo has launched a new accessory. ThinkPad OneLink Pro Dock that acts as a hub for the various ports. To the notebook using a USB cable instead OneLine connector assembly sketch General docking station itself can act as a charging other devices with a price tag of $ 429

Source – Lenovo , Engadget



                     CES 2014, Lenovo, Notebook, ThinkPad, Ultrabook



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