Statistics Blognone throughout 2013

throughout the year 2013, there were more visitors Blognone

  • 20.2 million visits
  • 7.5 million unique visitors
  • 39.5 million pageviews

and shape of the graph “Destroyer Twin Towers” featured very much

More: record of the year 2012 , record of the first half of 2013 , Page Statistics


destroyer twin towers Happens is

  • September: Tower iPhone 5s/5c
  • November: Suthep mob stormed CAT

the rate of returning vs new visitors, similar to last year, but slightly increased the proportion of new visitors here

growth of traffic

compared between 2013 and 2012 throughout the year as well

  • visits grew 22.75%
  • unique visitors grew 34.84%
  • pageviews grew 9.34%
  • proportion of new visits grew 9.28%


Distance web traffic at a time. And the number of pages per participant was reduced by about 10%

number of visited pages

separated into two groups motherboard. Guests who come twice and go away. Rapid and regular at the site. Ten times a hundred visits (Google Analytics after 30 minutes)

source of traffic

Google Analytics change to the new one. More than But overall a little more difficult

  • traffic from search ( +, approximately 51%
  • to the site directly (direct), approximately 22%
  • The remaining referral

    • Facebook (desktop + mobile) approximately 14%
    • Twitter ( exclude other URL) of about 4%

ratio between search / direct / referral It is also similar to the previous year


this year, Google once the change is Google started to encrypt search results for all cases. Keywords difficult webmaster the statistics keyword, virtually no meaning to it. (Because everything is not provided to me out)

Social Network

Google Analytics

new toy I took a stick to see it the other without leaving Facebook behind

PS You can track

Blognone from Facebook , Twitter , Google+ (Ads)

visiting countries

mostly from Thailand. The rest of Thailand is a country with a lot of the most interesting was from Laos have enough to do

Top Content

top 20 Top Content

  • iPhone 4s, iPhone 5c, iOS 7, the hottest year
  • followed by Baidu
  • mob a DEA. invasion CAT
  • Review Mobile Lumia 520 WP has the most people in the world
  • rest as they review and other content mixed together

the technical details

section will count only in December 2013 for its fresh versions of software like it

type of device traffic

  • desktop 70%
  • mobile 20%
  • tablet 9%

system (Including everything)

  • Windows also by far. But a lower proportion (67% in the last year 62%)
  • Android overtake suddenly from fourth to second (previous year 8% last year 14%)
  • iOS in second year. This being the third year But the proportion increased slightly (previous year 12% last year, 13.5%)
  • Mac fell to the fourth. I declined (previous year 9.4% last year 7.3%)
  • Linux declined (previous year 1.5% last year 1.3%)
  • Windows Phone rose above 1%, then (previous year 0.4% Last Year 1%)

vs OS type device. (Including everything)


took two previously distinct categories to see each other

  • de + Windows desktop taken as one 62%
  • + Android mobile

  • a second 12%
  • de desktop + Mac 7.5%
  • Mobile + iOS (iPhone) 7%
  • Tablet + iOS (iPad) 6%
  • Tablet + Android 2.3%

In summary, we see that it is enough. The Mobile, Android overtook iOS to the tablet so far, but it also brings iOS is not enough



  • proportion of the previous year increased by 49% last year, as well as the 55%
  • Firefox is second intact. Declined slightly from 16% to 13%
  • Safari in third the same. Declined slightly from 14% to 13%
  • IE lost it from 10% to just 6%
  • Android Browser increased from 4.5% to 6%
  • Opera and Opera Mini, both slightly lower

browser vs the OS

  • popular browser on Windows = Chrome, followed by Firefox
  • popular browser on iOS = Safari with Chrome
  • popular browser on Android = Chrome (also the first Android Browser)
  • popular browsers on the Mac = Safari with Chrome
  • popular browser on Linux = Chrome, followed by Firefox

version IE

  • IE8 (Bundled with Windows 7) but also declined
  • IE10 (Bundled with Windows 8) to force a second
  • IE9 (do not get along with other people) fell to third
  • IE11 (Bundled with Windows 8.1) was used as the fourth
  • IE6 (plus Windows XP) Use the remaining 0.9% of people use IE all

version Windows

  • Windows 7 to win the championship 60% slightly lower
  • Windows XP also came in second, but dropped dramatically (from 23.5% to 15%) – Why do you still use Windows XP as well. Location?
  • Windows 8 a lot more use from 8.5% to 11.5%
  • Windows NT I understand that it is 8/8.1 Preview
  • Windows 8.1 was a 5.5%

together Blognone people use Windows 8.x accounted for 17% of all Windows users

version Mac

Mac is hardly anything complicated here. Sort by version 10.9 Mavericks do people use accounts for 73% of all Mac users

version Android

version number

difficult breakup ever 🙂

  • 4.4 with the use of 12%
  • 4.3 with the use of 13%
  • 4.2 combined is approximately 25%
  • 4.1 version hits around 30%
  • 4.0 with the use of 5%
  • 2.3 Gingerbread lines seems to be dying at 4.4%

version iOS


people use a combination of approximately 73%, 7.1 to 2.5%, 6.x together at 16.5%

screen resolution

any equipment to see that kind of fragmentation on me (I use started just tap the screen 1080p 10%)

portable devices Popular models

  • iPhone / iPad Includes a separate version of the same. Analysis is not
  • Note II is also a popular mobile Android
  • Nexus 4 comes in second, Nexus 5 into the charts quickly
  • S4 S III has already won
  • Note 8.0 Android tablet is the most popular, followed by the Nexus 7
  • group of non-mobile Galaxy / Nexus that has been followed by the HTC One, LG G2, Lumia 920 (Xperia not shoot this year’s top 20)

portable devices Popular brands

  • Apple nearly doubled Samsung
  • Nokia

  • people still use it. The first two are by far, far away
  • people around here do not use Nexus


Thank you for visiting

Blognone throughout 2013 and in 2014 it is a special occasion Blognone will last for 10 years (this long wait I) one had any idea what they should do to celebrate it. I recommend it Good idea, we are happy to follow



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