Samsung launched the Smart Home for intelligent home. Appliances to talk to each other

Samsung launched a brand

Samsung Smart Home platform for electrical appliances and gadgets of Samsung (and Partners) can talk to each other

ultimate goal of Samsung Smart Home is a home owner can control various appliances. Through a single device (eg smart phone or Galaxy Gear) by Samsung to provide the platform and the server provides. Important parts of the Smart Home platform consists of three parts:

  • Device Control using portable devices to install apps or Smart TV Smart Home control home appliances such as air-conditioning, lighting both indoors and outdoors. This service is designed to connect to a work order, no matter where the user is. It also supports voice commands (ie saying “going out” Top Gear, it turns off the lights in the house)
  • Home View all images from a camera of various electrical appliances. Remotely
  • Smart Customer Service alert homeowners when appliances are broken or need replacement parts. And allows us to service after sale

Samsung also developed a new protocol called Smart Home software protocol (SHP) to communicate with the device, the Samsung Smart Home Services will begin service in the first half of this year

Source – Samsung Tomorrow

Samsung Smart Home



                     Samsung, CES 2014, Internet of Things



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