Microsoft patent The user interface features a three-dimensional cube.

Patent Bolt

website reported the discovery of Microsoft’s patents. That describes the user interface (UI) features a three-dimensional cube. Each face of the cube to display graphics applications (see Figure 1 at the end of the news) and apps on those dice works by the user interacts with the dice. In addition, the display of the dice could be the beginning (root) of the application, or may display counters with a specific app hidden inside it (see Figure 2)

Microsoft describes the limitations of the traditional user interface in a two-dimensional screen in a folder that may be ineffective. Lack of comfort And knowing that such as aesthetics desired icon in front of it, compared to the current page. Applications in one screen what. Or composition between the current and new screenshots of the app is almost irrelevant. Allows users to familiarize new, etc.

to find apps that users want it. Microsoft states that when one or more may roll the dice search and show pages with apps that match the user’s search. Dice the application meets the rockers may be displayed at the top of the user interface, or copied and displayed in search results dice

patents are not assigned to a particular dice only. But also the shapes with many sides in a pyramid with three-dimensional perspective. Other details can be tracked from the Patent Bolt Source of News

earlier news from blogger Eldar Murtazin of Mobile. Whose work has leaked out in the mobile industry has always maintained that Windows Phone 9 to deactivate the user interface Metro and converted into the new format is simple and clean-up by the main inspiration came from Android just yet. knowing that eventually Microsoft will also take the Metro user interface on Windows Phone, or even the Windows operating system in future. And if not, the user interface of the future will be appearing in a patent or not. I need to continue to

Source: Patent Bolt via Ubergizmo

photo 1

Image 2



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