[CES 2014] demonstration wave power signal processor Snapdragon 805 Ultra Sound of the stylus.

Qualcomm will demonstrate the use of tablet prototype chip Snapdragon 805 at CES 2014 which can capture the position of the tip of a pen writing on the real paper of ultra sound waves

pen stylus with the tablet in general. Is to use the pen to write on the screen of the tablet directly. Which tablet can recognize the position of the pen to touch it with the same approach to the recognition of the user’s fingertips. (For capacitive touch screens will be recognized by the change of the electric field proportional to the capacitance in the area. Of screen space)


Tablet Ultra Sound NotePad at Qualcomm created to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Snapdragon 805 chip inserted internally. The new way to make extra rate. And movement of pen stylus pen via the transmit signal in the form of ultra sound waves

on the Ultra Sound NotePad put pen to write or draw directly on paper. The tablet can display text or painting it as is at the same time the user is writing or drawing things. This capability allows the user to copy the digital information immediately. (Apart from some pen device that records user’s drawing or writing. Before forwarding such information to the computer later), which will make it more convenient than photography or scanned into the computer later

must follow that in this CES 2014 will leverage Qualcomm’s quips. Otherwise, show me again the power of Snapdragon 805

Source – SlashGear



                     Snapdragon, Qualcomm, CES 2014



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