Advertising found on the web install malware affecting the Home.

Fox IT security company from the Netherlands. Found that ads on the web page (which comes from the domain. Yahoo! own) the number of malware

viewers to a web page on and see ads in the iframe tag, which they will be redirect to a malicious domain used for this write up. (Domain, all from the same IP address in the Netherlands), then the audience will be embedded malware that relies on Java vulnerabilities are several options such as ZeuS, Andromeda, Dorkbot

Fox IT found that these attacks have occurred since December 30, 2013, and because is a website with a lot of people. The infection rate of malware is very high, essentially “hundreds of thousands” of users were affected more in Romania. Britain, France and Pakistan


now acknowledge the problem and fix it

Source – Fox IT



                     Malware, Security, Yahoo!



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