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hardware review of the first to welcome 2014, I

Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition is the first official mobile CyanogenMod. And is the first mobile-based CyanogenMod ROM, you can install apps from the Google factory

Blognone wrote to the box Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition around something. This is a review for the actual use it

Hardware: Large Giant

‘s appearance would not have posted it. Go read the posting. What are the issues in practical applications, it is inevitable that the “size” infinity


compared with Note 3 (that is big enough already) to see the different size of the image

as I try for several days. Try to let people know many people (including the phone to work Blognone’s Contributors Party 2013 a) has an RSS feed. shared a similar “Bigger than you think”

to carry in pocket jeans are starting to spin around. Note 3 foot sit harder than some, but overall it is still called “I carry” is that the work and materials were tight and quite elegant. Another point of interest is quite a lot of weight 213 g heavier than the current generation of smart phones is enough

software: it is CM

This is very difficult to review because inside it is CyanogenMod CM virtually no different from the regular version is

so people who use or CM already feel that it’s nothing different. The applications of the CM at the Apollo, cLock, DSP Manager to the issue, the Launcher to Trebuchet

Oppo N1 CM

version of the CM as CM 10.2 (Android 4.3), based on Build JWR66Y the image

different point of CM is that it is somewhat standard version of Google Apps (gapps) along ( through. been certified by Google ) and an icon of Google Play with Google Apps folder on the home page to the beginning of it

people like CM or Pure Android Oppo N1 would like this option because it is very slippery, unstable and CM customizable apps do not crash. I use very little buck. (I found one bug is to call the proximity sensor does not work out then do not hold out a hand of the night time)

but people familiar with the manufacturer’s ROM hardware. It may feel like it shaved Nothing to play much. This is not a target of the Oppo N1 CM version anyway (I wanted to buy the hardware they buy Oppo N1 normal version)

as they try to find a spot where CM ROM tailored specifically to the hardware of the Oppo N1 are three points here

  • Gesture step off the screen
  • O-Touch
  • O-Click

Gesture: It’s very cool

esque gesture is now off the screen in N1 is the normal version, which the CM to upgrade ROM to support this feature. How to go to Settings> Interface> Gesture shortcuts will see the options below

gesture right off the screen with 4 port is

  • tapped twice to wake up the very good to not have to fumble for the power to chaos
  • draw a circle to camera mode. In practical applications, wait for it to pass through the lock into the little camera thing. But it is a feature that allows the camera mode is faster as well
  • control the music playing while screen off. I did not try it
  • draw a V to turn on the flashlight. It’s a tight fit I need to fire off a flashlight apps yourself gesture for me unpromising off the flashlight

concluded that features gesture made out very well the Oppo and CM

O-Touch: Get Innovations

O-Touch is fully touch panel on the back of the machine. If used with the Oppo case that comes with it has already opened for O-Touch

Oppo N1 O-Touch

CM ROM that came with the machine supports the O Touch as well, but to enable it in Settings> Language & input> O-Touch settings

Oppo N1 O-Touch Settings

O-Touch is available in 3 moves me

  • activate O-Touch normal usage equivalent to swipe the screen left – right (such as a home or Apps Gallery) and slide the screen up – down (like a browser) to use. actually need enough pressure O-Touch
  • tapped twice while in the camera app to take pictures. For people like the page itself
  • tap and hold to bring up the camera app. Found that when we use the phone normally avoids accidentally hands it to bounce into the camera app. This did not work

summary, O-Touch is an odd feature. Good to see innovation However, in practical applications, it is rarely effective. Tap the screen out faster

O-Click: to be good but does not work

O-Click the name of the Bluetooth remote control supplied with the unit. Allows us to remotely control the appearance of O-Click is a pellet. Insert the battery (flat balls) hanging out with a necklace or keychain carry us all the time

the concept very interesting. But in actual use can not test it. (Supposedly a bug) because I can pair with O-Click to connect to the machine, but running. Can not connect to

features as seen from the screen. (But do not try it) is used as a shutter button, a remote vehicle using mobile search. And alert if cell phones came out to the set, or

performance: Specification does not stand out, but suffice it to everyday life

as active for days Oppo N1 CM has better performance smooth enough for everyday use in general. Specification spread out on the page, but if I do it the CPU Snapdragon 600 (APQ8064T) 1.7GHz, 2GB RAM, which is considered a little less for the mobile flagship late 2013 because several competitors continue to Snapdragon 800. well then

Try running the benchmark test with AnTuTu X has 24,897 ratings results slightly inferior to HTC One

the battery is really hard to measure. But quite a lot of battery by spectroscopy to 3610 mAh (major advantages of a mobile device), I try saving it. I have almost 2

Camera: Okay, but difficult to use the camera app

Oppo camera has a resolution of 12.7 megapixels, it is okay to a certain extent (relative to Note 3, inferior to) the Poor is no stabilizer and camera apps, CM (understood as non Focal) features. Customizable difficulty fairly low and

I found a bug that requires shooting in 16:9 aspect ratio is 4:3, but failed to come out with it (see the preview on the LCD 16:9 screen size, but the actual file to be 4:3).

preview, see post below me on G+. (Click to see full album each)

how lucky chance to party with Samsung to see you @ ibluecosmos of MXPhone Oppo N1 holds regular version I borrowed the camera shock to see it

Oppo N1 Regular ( full size ).

Oppo N1 model CM ( full size ).

Summary: First steps into the arena of hardware CM

product it sells in terms Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition is the mobile users is a specific group of people using CM ROM is primarily placed on the market, people are still selling it very difficult (Oppo are intended for sale through the web page. essentially substitute) in terms of use is okay. Simple, not fancy, but it defines a group of CM fans as well

but in terms of progress of CyanogenMod, it is a very good starting point of Cyanogen, Inc., the widening of the open source projects that make the software. Became a full commercial product. It shows that if there is no hardware to the official ROM software is fully customizable. The end result came out well, and use the Oppo CM on the user experience on a device other than CM. I’ve used a lot

Oppo N1 CM Edition is a solid first step. And after this, we continue to see improvements in other aspects of Cyanogen, Inc., In its CM ROM to enhance the user experience even better service and support users. While maintaining simplicity, not “just” like any other ROM hardware manufacturers. On the market

in the long run CyanogenMod line hardware will become a formidable competitor to the Pure Google Nexus line of devices to me



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