Motorola Moto X and Moto G Verizon sale at $ 100 each.

Motorola cut the price down another $ 100 for all models Moto X Moto X models make no contract now just $ 399 only. From debut to 599 dollars and 499 dollars by selling previous version for developers with 32 gigabytes of flash memory will cost 449 dollars last

while Moto G version for Verizon model was discounted down to $ 99.99 with no contract. But for Android on Verizon, although no contract, but was deployed to another network is hard. It is a network of CDMA2000

in one corner, the lower price may be shown that sales Moto X was not very good during the holidays of the past. The need to reduce the price further. But another way of Dennis Woodside, CEO of Google, it is clear that this approach would work out cheaper but good quality. This approach will help revive Motorola’s back or not. Turnover in 2014, this is a decision

Source – Motorola ,. LA Times , TechCrunch



                     Motorola, Android, Smartphone



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