Hacking cabinet behind ATM: hole – plug in a flash drive spread malware – Closed Hole – pressed for money.

the Chaos Computing Congress security conference in Germany two researchers reveal how the ATM of criminal hacking. Which was discovered in July 2013 onward (not the country, but said that in Europe)

story begins from the bank’s ATM machine, some of the money even though they lost all their money in safe storage of ATM and whether the criminal investigation found that using an ATM hole to plug in a flash drive. installed malware to hackers, computer security, particularly in the cupboard. Then close the hole so as not to be seen easily that this ATM machine got hacked then

on drilling safety cabinets now. Press the hacker will normally enter the 12-digit code into a special mode that has left some kind of note. Then take out a casual

researchers found that hacking this into the movement. And head movement was stacked on another layer of security to people in the press and then turn the money away. By special software to be installed on the machine via malware is forced to enter the password. The people who hold the cabinet will have to look at the code on the screen, the phone to ask for it from people in the movement one again

ATM machine was found to be drilled this way at least 4 cars, which the researchers were of the opinion that this movement has a better understanding of the processes of an ATM as well

Source – BBC



                     Hacking, Security



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