Engaged over the years, Apple issued a statement. Does not involve the NSA DROPOUTJEEP

documents, software and hardware NSA it was a busy day it would build to Apple immediately. When one of the NSA software is embedded in the phone DROPOUTJEEP iPhone. To retrieve the data back to the center of the NSA, now Apple is the newsletter. Reports that Apple has no relevance whatsoever. This project

Apple’s full statement. Translated to

Apple never worked with NSA to build a vulnerability in any product, including the iPhone, we never get to know the news of the NSA program are aimed at our products. We care a lot about the privacy and security of our customers. And we try to make the client can easily update the software and up to date. When we hear of an attempt to break into the security system at the top. Of our industry We will try to check it carefully and take steps to protect our customers. We will continue to use our resources to lead hackers and protect our customers from malicious attacks. No matter who is behind the attack somehow

slide show DROPOUTJEEP NSA since 2008, it is not clear that the use of any loopholes. And any other information that the NSA can break new iOS or not

Source – AllThingsD




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