BlackBerry’s new organizational structure into four divisions focused on software and services.

John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry write articles on financial sites CNBC explains his plan to revive the company

He said that the financial situation of the company is also good. Cash in hand, more than 3 billion dollars. And he was prepared to stabilize the new management of the company to come back again. Preliminary plan is in line with the new organizational structure of the Company is divided into four divisions

  • Enterprise Services He said the BlackBerry is still very strong in the enterprise market. There are more than 80,000 corporate customers for over many competitors in the market as mobile device management (MDM) solution, and is also the only U.S. Department of Defense to use
  • Messaging BBM is known as a secure messaging system. With high reliability and BBM for Android / iOS, it has registered more than 40 million cases in the first 60 days of its launch. The company plans to add new features. Continued And prepare a plan for BBM revenue soon
  • QNX Embedded is purchased QNX operating system market. machine-to-machine And market The company will announce new features More at CES 2014 and seeks to expand other specialized industry
  • Device hardware business to adapt using handshake with Foxconn moved production to Indonesia and other developing countries. When a company does not have the burden of producing the hardware is able to focus on software design and security, more

Source – CNBC



                     BlackBerry, BBM, Foxconn



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