Two days with Moto G, Motorola, the latter shared with Google.

after Motorola was acquired by a subsidiary of Google, they have come out after two Moto X is focused on selling products in the U.S.. Is the current flagship model, the Moto G is primarily focused on price. By cutting things that people usually do not use almost all

Moto G chip Snapdragon 400 is still not very high. But for me, the Motorola RAZR was before I found Moto G has much better performance. Even a Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz CPU, not the desktop. But if you use the phone for more than two years. Despite an early version of Moto G is also an optional upgrade

external hardware

appearance of the wheels with Moto X Moto G is largely, although the material is different. However, the shape when looking far away It’s not so different. Designed in the same shape

screen that has a resolution of 720p with 4.5-inch screen size, although not exhaustively in invisible pixels or

Moto G

the back of a plastic pestle. In terms of handling quite sure they do not slip. But in terms of aesthetics, it keeps fingerprints very well, then use a seam all the time

back cover off, but can not replace the battery. The back cover is discolored. (No sales) and open the sim card only

rear speakers loud and clear enough. Music played casual But may be placed upside down at the music

top is the headphone jack, speaker, power button and volume control on the right pair. Nothing left

below also has a microphone and micro USB slot and microphone



Moto G

software virtually no customization much. There are some software like Moto Migrate to move data from the old machine. And a support system of Motorola called the Motorola ID in Settings

Motorola ID is not a tracking system similar to Android Devices Manager, I try to register a handset from Thailand and found that the registration was not successful. This is another attempt. “Do not waste time doing the” Motorola is an Android Service did not do well. Efforts made redundant, I did not do well as a waste of time


Although the price is not cheap, but

camera Moto G is considered adequate when the light is good enough. Poor light conditions the camera began to crack a bit obvious

image of G+

try for me


And applications

I was not serious, but of benchmark applications. Performance of Moto G It works great on both Ingress and could not wait to load and use the web, it works great. Although there is no striking features But that was enough for general use as well

conclusion of Moto G I’ve tried using a smartphone, I believe that Moto G by a series of full-featured Android application. While neat and smooth to be in iPhone 4, if you can buy used for under 9,000 baht, it was worth it

prosecution of Motorola, now with this price and large companies. Motorola will do something like this to gain best value phone as long. With profits like these Motorola will be able to channel it to the world or not



                     Moto G, Motorola



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