Review summary Mac Pro: Very strong, very light, very small, very expensive.

after Apple started to order Mac Pro , then there are multiple media. I have borrowed a Mac Pro from Apple mainly write about all the main points are summarized similar Mac Pro is very small. High availability There is a lot lighter And very expensive By the media received from Apple would be the 3GHz Intel Xeon E5 8-core, RAM, 64GB, SSD 1TB and GPU FirePro D700 6GB 2 which is priced $ 8,099 higher than the starting price of $ 2999 more than doubled

There are also other issues. Interestingly, the following

  • sales package, usually with just a Mac Pro and Power Cord only
  • The machine is very sleek

  • And fingerprints very easily
  • can not open the lid while the machine. And can not open the lid while the machine because the power cord
  • the air with just one large fan emits only. And there was obviously a lot lighter
  • Although

  • enable machines to access RAM, SSD and GPU easily, and it is possible to change these manually. However, because most devices are designed specifically to make it almost impossible to upgrade the system itself. Apart from the Thunberbolt 2
  • Final Cut Pro X faster speeds. As if that were developed specifically for the Mac Pro can play streaming 4K size 4 streams simultaneously, with the color all four streams in real-time. There are very few skipped frames
  • and despite heavy use Final Cut Pro X is just observing what the CPU is a little more work. That program is fully adapted to the GPU
  • versa Premiere is much worse. Likely due to the fact that the program has not been adapted to fully harness the power of the GPU what Adobe can improve in the future
  • test several Are found to be less efficient than the Mac Pro, version 2010, which is expected to be the case with software. Premiere
  • read speed of SSD is around 900 – 920 MB / s are written at 750 – 760 MB / s
  • Although

  • to play the game well. I can not fight with a Windows PC and a no-testing that I utilize two GPU
  • Published

  • overall consensus that the current Apple Final Cut Pro X, no longer be used to the full advantage of the Mac Pro, the current Mac Pro is specifically suited to the Final Cut Pro X is available. to pay money in exchange for the Red de

Source – The Verge , CNET , Engadget



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