The Queen Elizabeth 2 royal pardon to Alan Turing.

Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth 2 was a royal pardon to Alan Turing, after he was found guilty on charges of homosexuality for more than 60 years

Alan Turing, the “father of computer science” has created many benefits to the UK of their own native land. Especially the Enigma decoding, which can contribute to the Allies took advantage and get the victory in World War 2, including the creation of a Turing Machine as a foundation for the invention of the computer later. But he returned to end his life with a tragic suicide in 1954 after he was found guilty of homosexuality. And punished by injecting female hormones

Once upon a time People realize that Turing deserves praise and honor than this. It became a source of motion called on the British government to pardon Turing , but ultimately did not claim such a result. When the British government refused to pardon Turing even been out apologize for the events of the past official earlier


Latest New Arashi Nat King S. Elizabeth 2 have lived the prerogative of His Majesty’s pardon Turing complete. Her Majesty that the said decision is that Turing was not justified. Especially considering the social world in this generation

Source – The Next Web



                     Alan Turing, Computer Science, UK



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