Snowden stated his mission successfully.

only six months after Edward Snowden’s secret NSA documents reveal for the first time the world is not the same anymore when listening underwent issues become an issue around the world. After a long interview, and his story has been published. He now lives in exile in Russia and interviewed again by stating that “his mission successfully”

aim Snowden has told people just want to know that how to be parents. He sees the process control of the intelligence agencies overseen by foreign intelligence surveillance court (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) is the “graveyard of judgment” being touted by the probe agency. The verdict was a secret

perspective against the NSA NSA did not collapse because of him, but he will improve disclosure of NSA NSA had been introduced to improve the security system in case on two such important work. To copy files from the PC since 2009, but did not get the attention and

he denied rebel allegations. By stating that if he was a rebel then. It is rebellion against the government to the public instead

Source – Washington Post



                     Snowden, NSA, USA



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