PS4 Xbox One sold on eBay well over double, PS Vita sales rocketed after the PS4 sold.

PS4 and Xbox One

before it opens officially sold out and it has been estimated that these two games have been sold to many. Of course, the main source of sales. Inevitable eBay. We now have to figure out the PS4 is currently being sold on eBay for more than double the Xbox One to do it

by the sales of the two games is lifted from Tweet of researchers from Baird Equity Research states that currently amount to selling on eBay is a PS4 game at the 65,000 machine. Xbox One is approximately 33,000 and

Although sales figures on eBay PS4 higher. Promotes the idea that the situation of the PS4 is bright, but that people buy on eBay over the PS4 will probably come from the PS4 is in short supply, so people have to find on eBay, it is not. Meanwhile Xbox One, no problem at all

a PS4 news related to the sales force and help pull sales of the PS Vita in the UK to increase. The figure rose to 68% compared to the previous month will be on sale PS4 ever expected sales to come from the players to buy PS Vita to feature Remote Play for gaming PS4 on a portable game itself

Source – Ars Technica , Tech Radar



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