MaxStone the shutter DSLR cameras controlled by iPhone.





MaxStone is a project to develop a DSLR remote shutter device through commands from the. user via the iPhone, which are financed through Kickstarter while. this

MaxStone a small coin inside the circuit via Bluetooth and Infrared MaxStone be ordered installed iPhone applications developed especially via the Bluetooth and ordered a DSLR camera. Press the shutter with infrared signals All this is powered by a single battery that is replaceable within which valid for 1 year outside the MaxStone a button press to activate certain features

the app can be used to perform MaxStone benefits both in terms of DSLR camera remote control or set delay before taking a picture. It also features shooting time lapse (shot several times and every time, each time as well), which features the latter is able to work even while MaxStone is out of the Bluetooth. for iPhone

addition to DSLR cameras activated users can also use the iPhone’s camera imaging MaxStone ordered remotely by pressing a button on it. And with the same Also used to locate the iPhone that may have been misplaced somewhere that the iPhone makes the position to the user when to press the button on MaxStone (similar to the use of key models) and vice versa. Users can locate the MaxStone (which may be linked to a DSLR or other objects) within Bluetooth connectivity similar to . Stick-n-Find

at $ 35 (not including shipping)

Source – TechCrunch



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