Compare Lumia 1020 photos before – after updating Nokia Black.

Nokia just released

update Black to sell Lumia 1020 at the AT & T network has long site All About | Windows Phone. (AAWP) was arrested Lumia 1020 before – after updating the photo quality Black and comparing how different

team has several comparison photos in low light conditions. I have the following changes:

  • normal light conditions – Black then update the image color matching is more realistic. Fell relatively less Compared to photos before updating to the red. And there’s less obviously
  • low light conditions – in this light. Even updated to But the tone of the picture is not unlike that observed. (May contrast somewhat different) point to the system will use a lower ISO makes less dropped as well
  • taken in the shade – for indoor photos. Synthesis and opened fire, then update Black color scheme gives a more realistic picture of the neighborhood. Contrast, lower And low’s down to
  • shooting indoor flash light – for the final lighting conditions. Is known as the Australasian subdue most updated version of the camera, it allows Black Lumia 1020 to reduce the red a little. And decreased from the original, obviously it

those who want to see the difference between the two updates is to see the source of it

for changes in performance AAWP indicate that speed of processing after shooting Lumia 1020 is not faster at all. Which seems to come from the CPU to process the catch block. The shooting RAW can do it. It has been in the software process. Need to transfer files from your PC to handle myself out

Source – AAWP



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