Wired magazine summarizing technology trends for 2014.





Wired Magazine UK has prepared a special edition magazine. Flow analysis and technology trends The information technology business, medical models, life, media, politics and the environment

This conclusion

news stream. And technological trends anticipated Hot Wired magazine in 2014 as follows

  1. Android will become the new Linux in just five years, open source operating system, Google’s Android has grown to be the market of Smart Phon. Tablet and more than 80%, or about 900 million units, will play a role later in the game. Equipment and Internet connections
  2. new dimension of 3D printing will cause the structure to compose himself. Tire adapts itself according to road conditions or performance vehicles and sports equipment that meet the users as well
  3. chat application to challenge the giant social network applications, chat and share photos taken over the smartphone market. And expand the number of users indefinitely, as evidenced by the use Whatsapp, Line, Wechat or KaKaoTalk etc.
  4. Big data will be seen as more visual information. New applications will enable organizations to visualize and interpret large data deployed quickly
  5. EmDrive technology is closer to the truth EmDrive or Electromagnetic Drive is a technology that uses microwave energy change. To drive a traction Success starts with Especially with China’s space program research seriously
  6. unmanned aircraft, or drones are active in fields such as inhalers to deliver food or clean the spray graffiti. The walls
  7. Quantum Cryptography, or high security data encryption by using proton particles. Will be used by government and military satellite communications
  8. electronic parts are printed on a 3D printer capable of printing censorship. And equipment, or small parts. Will cause the creation of a new, much more

Source: Wired , Digital Intelligence Today



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