Wikipedia adds features to create documents Hope this help new users create articles better.

Wikipedia added features to create documents. So people have time to edit and create articles of high quality even more refined article before publishing the article

typically When a user creates a new article up on Wikipedia after the publication of the article and press the record button. It is a store and publish such an article immediately. This is a situation that compels users to create articles to completely right the first time before you press the record button. Because that article incomplete or lack of accuracy may be deleted by the administrator, as Wikipedia claims that the new article by approximately 80 percent is removed from the system, such reasons. Make some users feel the pressure building and as scholarly articles in Wikipedia is difficult

but now users can use the draft feature by typing ‘Draft:’ first title. This will make a new post is still in draft status. And even the user is to press the record button. But this article will not be published immediately. If item is still listed as the article and allow users to review and edit the article to a refined quality even better later

This article is in draft. Will not appear in search results, and even search Wikipedia articles by search engines like Google, it will not find the document. (Except for the special effects)

now features a draft document still limited to using only Wikipedia English version

Source – The Next Web






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