Toshiba announced plans to double production of camera modules for smartphones to 3D imaging.

Toshiba announced the creation of a new imaging module for use in portable devices. The module is double shooting then processed together to create a digital 3-D

this module pairs Each shoot 5 megapixel images and when the two come together, it has a 13 megapixel photos

Toshiba states that the benefit of using a camera module. Apart from creating digital 3-D feature to be acquired automatically for the user. Is to customize digital photos, such as selecting focus after shooting finished. (Similar to the capabilities of the camera Lytro ) or deleting objects in images is addition, Toshiba also. claim that with this new dual camera module. Be installed within the space for smart phones less. Which facilitates the design of smart phones provide some more as well

However Toshiba did not disclose that information to begin producing and selling modules when exactly this picture

Source – Ubergizmo



                     Toshiba, Camera, 3D Imaging



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