Samsung Smart TV 2014: Improving Voice, the camera captures the movement of a finger.

not before the year 2014, but Samsung also announced the Tigers gun features of Smart TV will debut at the 2014 CES 2014 early next year. (Not yet a year old says Smart TV is the ability to upgrade or not)

  • The Voice Original work in 11 countries next year to 12 countries for a total of 23 countries (not to say that there are countries here), and the voice commands in a more concise example of the former would change the channel to the “Channel Change, Channel Number. “just left” Channel Number “
  • when users search for information by voice commands while watching TV. The TV will display the results at the bottom of the screen. Users can preview and select the desired search results
  • the motion detection (motion gesture) workable resolution to distinguish the fingers of a user. The user does not need a lot of movement. I moved my finger was enough

for the hardware of the Samsung TV. Must be launched at CES today to show you just the new features

Source – Samsung Tomorrow



                     Samsung, Smart TV, Voice Recognition, Gesture, Motion Capture



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