Behind Android from within: from the unimportant. To spearhead the invasion of mobile.

a few days before the site The Atlantic just to print the contents of the book, some Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went. to War and Started a Revolution written by Fred Vogelstein to say overall content. The background of Android on a Windows Mobile and iPhone rivals the most recent Google Operating System site with news out of Google. on a regular basis just to talk about this book is it. Focused event within the Google Android itself that is important but how it was then. And who is involved with this story

content that talks started around the year 2007-2008 after the team shifted focus from Android to Windows Mobile to compete against the iPhone instead of Android development at the time the project is less important than deal with. Apple strongly (Presumably referring to the map and search YouTube) which is more than Google to focus on Android, the more it throws into 2009-2010 range launched Mototola Droid and Nexus One now

post also quoted the words of the chief executive of Google, many people participate in this event with a Vic Gundotra (currently controlled Google+) had a circle with the Android (which has. the lead as Andy Rubin) and request that they convince him to see why Android Google Android to be confident in that could be a trigger lead Google to feud with Apple, which is a major trading partner at that time. Of course, the portable device, the party of Google’s deal with Apple hates Android team much like hate Gundotra had Android team at first as well

in that friend’s Andy Rubin says that there is a meeting tough for him. He almost made to quit, he said. Despite that Gundotra conveys nothing but the Android is barely supported by Google that range Rubin as to write on the board of the Office that “STEVE JOBS STOLE MY LUNCH MONEY” ever

another executive And CEO Eric Schmidt also said at that time that if he had to talk to Steve Jobs about Android ( the rage Jobs pasties ), he would insist on Jobs to make clear that Google featured on the iPhone first, and told Rubin in 2011 that may be just, he understood the importance of Android, but the rest of Google is not. And Google was also busy with other work in the luck of Rubin that Schmidt came to the later of mutual understanding with the two founders (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) and I understand that Android is vital. How strategic Then make plans quickly. When competitors missed the game GI will send the product to the right place at the right time. And this is what happened with Android on view inside Google itself

Source – Google Operating System



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