Security experts point out Organization is not active, moving from Windows XP, there is a tremendous risk.

Windows XP will expire on April 8, 2014, Microsoft will stop providing security patches. And there is a very high chance that a hacker will take data from patches for Windows 7/8 to see how vulnerable the same on XP or not, if it is a vulnerability that XP users, almost no bypass ( old news that Microsoft is aware of this )


Security experts and upgrading IT systems, many people agree that it’s down. Corporate clients are not aware about Windows XP as it could be because of many reasons each such organization is not popular all major PC upgrade, PC upgrades, the organization began to slow down to save costs. I upgraded from a 4-year stretch for a 5-6 years

these experts concluded that if they want to stay with XP, it may have the option to disconnect this PC from the Internet. But it is also risky to install malware on the network anyway. Microsoft and ask them to declare this to be more precise. To give customers a more active organization

government agencies are beginning to awaken this story, such as the U.S. financial authorities began warning that if banks still using XP then it is a risk that the customer’s credit card information can be stolen

Source – PC Pro



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