New policy Chrome: 1 Extension 1 capabilities.

Google announced a new policy of the Chrome Web Store that from now on, the accessory one would be able to alone. To prevent “Add-ons that do universal” chargers browser like hell ever happened in the Toolbar of IE in the past

Google that began with some extension in Chrome that secretly install extra something to the user’s machine. (Or vice versa is an extension bundled with another application) or as a supplement to edit the content of a Web page that contains a button of sorts. Increased to full Make the user experience the problem

Google’s new policy is designed to suppress most of these supplements. The extension to the Chrome Web Store will be working alone. (Single-purpose) and is visible in the UI, just a single point (such as a button or menu), which of course has many components. The impact of this policy and may need to be demolished for new or fragmented into multiple accessories agent

policy will be effective starting in June 2014 onwards

Source – Chromium Blog



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