Loose screen preview of the new Tizen 2.1 TouchWiz like the full circle.

Samsung is still busy with Tizen operating system of choice is continuous. When a few months before it has its first tablet, Tizen is available by manufacturers from Japan. Now, the latest operating system, which reached version 2.1 has been modified face lift by Samsung

Tizen 2.1 has been optimized for this new look. Has a similar vibe, which is a form of TouchWiz user interface that Samsung’s Android products used on their very existence. That may make the use of Samsung products already feel familiar with the user interface of the new Tizen is not difficult

various graphic design With the use of circular shapes into more components. The change from the previous focus on shape, square icons. And now screens. View more clean Although windows notification system may also look somewhat unwieldy. It can be said that overall Tizen 2.1, now would not seem odd separate from the operating system of the smart phone with Android and iOS too much

can preview screen Tizen 2.1 is the news, which is a product of Samsung that runs the operating system Tizen to go on sale next year. May have the appearance of such software in

Source – Droid Life



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