Invitation to participate in surveys Blognone Readers Survey 2014.

Blognone ever reader survey earlier this year to 2012 ( Survey results before ) as of now it is almost two years should be the time. survey again to give me a present

for this exploration still like the original (I also have some questions Paste it flatly. Instead of it), but long-term plans Blognone next year and the years ahead, we continue to expand at a seminar on the increase. (Similar to the manner or form work Blognone Quest , recently held this year)


Blognone never request personal information in any survey of readers. It is our policy anyway. But this became a problem when we need to plan seminars manner mentioned above. Since we do not know that a group of our readers who are working on it (and exactly) How much does each group. Make a plan to capture the event or topic can be very difficult as possible

survey data in this round are part of it. “Personal Information” added with caution, however, we try not to encroach on the privacy of users too

  • personally identifiable information will be optional, not mandatory input
  • information about contacts (contact information) Only email. No phone number or any other contact
  • All personal information will be treated well and not made available to other agencies took the title as security Blognone

as Blognone I can only tell you that if any personal information. And working with. It was greatly appreciated and what Blognone can reward is promised. If Blognone seminar related to your line of work in the future. You will be invited to join the first group always (some may be. invitation-only Not announced on the web page for the reason the seats)

final request everyone to fully Blognone allow comments on it. (Especially in the case of open-ended questions that would make improvements) We promise to read all the comments. So if you have something to offer, it came to be here

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                     Blognone, Announcement



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