Snooperscope night vision camera for use with smart phones or tablets.





Snooperscope Night camera is connected to a display on a smart phone or tablet without wireless. The developer has paid capital KickStarter until paid up. targets and pre-production is actually sold


‘s work is no different from a typical night photography. Which uses infrared radiation to take pictures of things in the dark and shoot through certain objects. It sends the video signal to display on the screen, smart phone or tablet via the built applications together through a connection wi-fi, which the app has both versions. operating systems iOS and Android

the Snooperscope can shoot in the dark, visible about 10 meters with an internal battery that can run for about 3-4 hours of use both stills and video. With a standard tripod mount. And a magnet embedded inside Can suck on the back cover of the smart phone or tablet can

retail price of Snooperscope on to production actually falling dollar, but the 99 pieces for donations via Kickstarter now also available at a cost of $ 69 per piece

Source – SlashGear.



                     Gadget, Camera, Accessories, Kickstarter



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