Mini Review Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

design new uniforms, then it will reduce the feeling plastic. And look better than the original

Galaxy Note 3 to this Samsung sent me a long time to play around. Months on I have experience as a month, it will be what I consider to be here

body and appearance

Galaxy Note as a large mobile original, but with Note 3 the size it really is not larger than the Note 2 I just felt a little bit longer and the outer dimensions are more like Galaxy. S4 is not distorted here

front of the machine is equipped with a light sensor main speakers Notification light cameras 5.7 inch screen and Home button, Menu and Back buttons, two buttons, the “S Pen can be used to command the Note 8.0 too. “

rear comprising The 13-megapixel primary camera flash and S Pen slot below

top edge is the headphone port and IR Blaster

lower edge comprising a main speaker port, Micro USB 3.0, which can be used by plugging in the USB 2.0 ports on the left. And the main microphone

the left edge of the button is the on / off

right edge is the address of the equalizer


Galaxy Note 3 This handset comes with Android 4.3, but covered over with TouchWiz Nature UX 2.0 to Galaxy S4 exact same way, so in terms of various applications. Not so much because of the Galaxy S4, available on the Galaxy S4 in Note 3 to the end of that as well. Unless some can be removed. And replace it with my Note instead

speed of the S Pen, then the software is considered to be relatively constant, then. The pen is activated as soon as the Note 8.0 written by the user’s hand. And rarely has slowed the pace of the line to be more like the Note 1 and Note 2 PM

The other features

is known that almost every lift capabilities of the Galaxy S4-runs so I will not repeat it here


Note 3

primary camera is barely lift capabilities of the Galaxy S4 it can shoot fast as the Galaxy S4 and barely notice the difference compared to the Galaxy S4 is

but to improve the better. It is just a matter of the Galaxy S4 light photography is not good enough as it


the review, I am not out to take it. Because of the unrest in the country. Therefore apologize in advance here today

actual use and performance

Many people believe that the Galaxy Note would never say that. It’s great to think To hold in one hand I think the answer is that it can be used like a regular phone one here. Size is not a big power like Xperia Z Ultra barely one-handed use, but Note 3 can be used with a single hand without much trouble

criticism of Note 3 still has only two slots S Pen is quite easy to loose. Sometimes the machine automatically run Air Command. While not removing the S Pen out, and another is the ability too monotonous. If you as a person before the Galaxy S4 may be the advantage of not having very adaptable. I quite like the basics. However, in view of the people who have read many reviews, but the S4 is the first Note 3. Note 3 might exclaim that I can not escape it, even to me than S4

the worst of the Galaxy Note 3 many people would know what it is. Ability between generations are not equal. Is to say that the version sold in our home is the Exynos (SM-N900) has features that are expected from generation Snapdragon (SM-N9005) is that it can shoot 4K video at saturation Snapdragon done better. about the Exynos not supporting LTE networks can do. But on the downside, it has some advantages, there is a big.Little Octa Core Exynos is the better GPU Adreno 330 chip and a better sound. Therefore, it may be regarded these advantages. Can replace a lost generation Snapdragon has some more or less on


As for the news that we see Note 3 to the fraud score well. Therefore, it is not allowed in this test it


Note 3

battery with 3200 mAh casual use. Could not believe that I have a long day, almost two days. But if the game would be cool, remove the door, plug the charger then. Therefore, it may be regarded It may be used the same day, that’s it. If it is left idle What is not used It can be used as long as the same. The advantage of this is that Samsung uses technology from Qualcomm called me


I believe that men will want to use 4G with 4G service, but from experience, I’ve tried to say a single word that 4G. “is not as impressive as it should,” , but with 3G Galaxy Note 3, I believe this was not unattractive as well. Can be used to chill on. Care was taken without 4G and the Galaxy S4 features barely escape from, thus making your own is easy enough. If one wants a phone big screen. But not very big river Galaxy Note 3 was considered as an option attractive enough for me


Thailand to Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) to play simultaneously. And intended to write together. But fears that it would be too long. So this would only review Note 3 for a bit then ^ ^



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