Announcing ultimate smart phone, tablet BE.ST Awards for 2013.





the cooperation of the three sites, including the IT & Telecom Blognone, DroidSans and MXPhone this year was the first year that we have partnered event. BE.ST Awards (Best Smartphone & Tablet Awards) to recruit and rated the best equipment and technology throughout the past year

all three sites

team is experienced in the field of technology for so long. And performance testing smartphones, tablets as well as in the news constantly. This year we have selected products which will be awarded in each category. However, the model is available from 1 November 2555 – 31 October 2556 is divided into the following six awards

1. smart phone worth (BE.ST Value Smartphone Award) award for smartphones, best value for money in comparison. General well
2. Smart Phone great (BE.ST Smartphone Award) Award smartphone excellent. Estimate of performance in all aspects
3. Smart phone, brilliant camera (BE.ST Camera Smartphone Award) Award smartphone that works best camera
4. Innovation (BE.ST Innovation Award) reward innovative manufacturer invented. Structure is amazing And practical
5. Tablet great (BE.ST Tablet Award) won great tablet. Estimate of performance in all aspects. As well as great prizes smartphone
6. Popular smart phone (BE.ST Popular Smartphone Award) Award smartphone popular vote of the audience of the three sites together

starting job details And then won the perfunctory I start out awards in each category do not

smart phone worth (BE.ST Value Smartphone Award)

Award for best value smartphones this year, a major constituent of the PC – laptop started crashing into the smartphone market in earnest and Acer Liquid Z3 it. the answer to the smart phone that works perfectly in reach of everyone from Acer here

even missed winning it. But the best value smartphone models, not to mention, if not inevitable Lenovo IdeaPhone A390 at the price of roughly compared to the specification of every camp. rates similar to

Smart Phone great (BE.ST Smartphone Award)

Award for Excellence in smartphones this year inevitable LG G2 from a South Korean manufacturer. Are good, good night And this is the first year we’ve seen LG smart phones can create a distinctive and into the minds of many people this

smart phone, brilliant camera (BE.ST Camera Smartphone Award)

since the popular smartphone that comes up. No one would expect that Nokia will become a manufacturer of smartphones. That comes with the camera is the ability to just this. After trial to date of Nokia 808, Nokia has set a new standard of your camera on a smartphone with a flagship model again. Nokia Lumia 1020 and Nokia Camera on

though this year will be the year to make the most for. iPhone 5s , but it is undeniable that this is a smartphone version of the photo came out very well. And software designed with attention to the well. Will see that next year’s camp will be a surprise again?

wonderful innovation (BE.ST Innovation Award)

when talking about technology I wonder if we are not talking about innovation at all. Industry and smart phones that compete fiercely. Innovation was invented as part of establishing the dominance of the brand itself. Each year, we see each of you continued innovation

… Unfortunately this year. The judge agreed that no innovation at all. Innovation should be rewarded this year. But we do have a list of innovations that storyline. But did not mention the perfunctory eye. The technology of the LG G2 chassis design that can be squeezed to a smaller unit. But also long-lasting, Slovak camera function motion. And safety features of the iPhone 5s TouchID easy to use, the keyboard’s thrown the BlackBerry Z10, although the touch screen, but the BlackBerry is still printed it! Culminating with Burst Shot feature shoot 61 shots rapid succession impressive Xperia Z1 am

hope that the various manufacturers. Is also intended to facilitate the development of innovative next user. If I do come out What was true!

tablet great (BE.ST Tablet Award)

this tablet was popular continuously. With greater functionality. The machine is lightweight, portable, and it is Galaxy Note 8 Tablet and Pen S-Note size fits the hand are the most talked about one of Samsung this year

iPad Air is still a popular tablet from Apple. Modified significantly in both hardware and software to make the tablet screen is almost ten inches. Material: Aluminum luxury to light this size. Is the contribution expected from Apple, as always,

popular smart phone (BE.ST Popular Smartphone Award)

a result of this award It is the opinion of this website thousands of people to vote pleasant version. Out to be the most popular this year. The smart phone version received the most votes of constituent LG G2 has been voted by 23.7% ever

the results of other models. Rated minor This is based on

  • iPhone 5s – 20%
  • Xperia Z1 – 16.72%
  • HTC One – 12.9%
  • SS Galaxy Note 3 – 10.72%

Awards this year, however, can not comment here. The team promised that next year will be even bigger BE.ST Award and more versatile for sure 🙂



                     BE.S.T Awards



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