Learn a new game at the end of the year Nintendo Direct: Zelda action and Mario Kart 8.


New Nintendo Nintendo Direct event around New Year’s Eve. The launch of new games that are coming into the game itself in early 2014, many major game copy only. I have the following

Hyrule Warriors first game of three dimensional action game. The third perspective developed over many years. The game will come in the style of The Legend of Zelda mixed with Dynasty Warriors officially announced the Wii U in 2014 but did not specify the date of the sale is not clear

a game that many people waiting in a racing game Mario Kart 8 destroyed the friendship of the famous New Nintendo. Has released a new teaser in this work. The races of this region revealed that the airport will range from ancient to drive a race car on a cloud ever. The game will start selling the spring. (From March to May)

for Wii Sports Club (referred to as Wii Sports Wii U version is that) this mini golf game, Nintendo released the game into extra rooms. Now, it has three sub-games (tennis, bowling and golf), and it is baseball. And boxing followed later on

culminating with the traditional style RPG game Bravely Default’s Federation of Square Enix plans to put on sale on the 7th February, has announced the release date of January 2, download the demo, which will be featuring in isolation. main to play with

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Source – Polygon



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