[Rumor] Windows Phone 8.1 will have Notification, reveals April 2014.

The Verge reports rumors of Windows Phone 8.1 or legacy code Windows Phone Blue

  • Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 being tested internally and will be revealed at the official BUILD 2014 month. April next year (The day it launched Unspecified)
  • Windows Phone 8.1 is a notification system or pull down the notification bar from the top of the screen, like Android and the quick settings buttons for frequently used settings. Using rounded down (swipe) Short form
  • confirm that the voice command system code Cortana ( Old News 1 , old news 2 by it will be used instead of Bing search, voice control feature today’s news says that feature is similar to Google Now. the learning context around them. View appointments
  • split-level noise between ringtones and music playback – video then
  • Add

  • Bing Smart Search the same in Windows 8.1
  • Music Hub is a modular

  • Xbox Music on Xbox Video as separate apps instead
  • may open social applications. Twitter / Facebook To add features to the People Hub with

    The Verge also provides information that busy mobile Nokia Windows Phone 8.1 launched waiting for version 2 is

  • Goldfinger 3D Touch system to detect objects that float above a mirror

  • Moneypenny To use the buttons on the screen by News dropped earlier

Source – The Verge



                     Windows Phone 8, Microsoft, Mobile, Rumor, Voice Recognition



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