Microsoft joins FIDO.

Microsoft FIDO Alliance is the latest to join the group. After this group set up by the company Lenovo, Infineon, and PayPal and Google, NXP apply for membership in April .

FIDO group hopes to create a new standard for authentication with public key (public key) when users verify their identity with any service. Only the public key to the service. And store the private key on the machine you want to use it to use it. Without having to type your password every time

standard database like this before. Are defined as in the standard TLS Client-authenticated TLS out in case a client has an SSL certificate for the person (ask for free with a register. startssl ) to confirm the identity and web support. But not a popular player from the inconvenience of many processes of FIDO, if one fixes the hassle of TLS possible to help us with the process of authentication, better password use tricked

Source – ArsTechnica



                     FIDO, Microsoft, Security



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