Loose documents reveal the company’s Facebook ads into the video, The Challenge TV and YouTube.

news recently Facebook Mobile apps automatically start playing a video invites people to think that it will have ads. Video Soon Recent documents that reveal a plan below is a video of Facebook’s advertising to me

this document called Facebook For Business: Video On Facebook as the company’s customers, which is a major advertising firm. But off the site TechCrunch, which provide us with information as follows:

  • Facebook targets ads videos on the News Feed will take the market of video advertising on traditional TV ads on YouTube, and the reason that consumers stop watching TV but to get social media. And Advertising on Facebook can target specific groups (targeting) has a much more
  • focused on advertising on mobile devices is key. Autoplay And all videos are hosted on their systems. Facebook
  • strengths of advertising on Facebook is a lot of user base. And mobile users can check Facebook news feed several times a day. (Which ads are placed on top of this)
  • the videos are hosted on Facebook’s servers will prominently post a link to a video on YouTube that are smaller than a thumbnail
  • This advertising will start in the first quarter of 2014

Source – TechCrunch



                     Facebook, Online Video, Advertising, Leak



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