BlackBerry administrators prepare to leave the other 2 companies.

situation in the past year, the BlackBerry is hard to remove. Where is the new generation product is sold, the company could not recover as hoped. Size embroidered labels and contact the company divested several big, but still no progress whatsoever. It ends with the infusion of many institutional investors. Trailer comes with new CEO John S. Chen, who had dismantled the structure, especially at the executive level reconfiguration. Recently, a report from the Wall Street Journal that there are 2 other top executives taking the leave. BlackBerry

Despite no official confirmation. But a Wall Street Journal report also states that the 2 people above party is Rick Costanzo, Vice President of Global Sales and Chris Wormald VP of strategic partnerships. The pair were working for the BlackBerry 1999 and 2000 respectively, and will terminate at the end of this month to work with BlackBerry

earlier time BlackBerry has confirmed that Kristian Tear, Executive Director, Operations and Frank Boulben Executive Director of Marketing. Will leave the company as well. Makes me think that Chen, who is currently CEO shuffle and pick the new team know to help manage the BlackBerry itself

Source – Ubergizmo






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