Copenhagen Wheel Wheel magic that turns ordinary bicycle into a hybrid system.





Copenhagen Wheel is an invention developed at MIT in conjunction with the city of Copenhagen, which is what turns an ordinary bicycle into a hybrid engine used to drive electric power assist

the Copenhagen Wheel is a rotating motor and the processor and battery 48 volt replaceable inside. Is designed for mounting a bicycle wheel axis to bring the energy lost during braking or running downhill. Back up generators and store the power generated by it. Energy and will help to propel the bike while accelerating. Labor is provided to the user. The bicycle can be driven up to a speed of 20 miles per hour. And can do long distance, 30 miles

addition, the Copenhagen Wheel is a wireless communication device, lock the wheels and sensors to keep cycling. It can connect to a Smart Phone to check your bike for. The speed of the movement, distance traveled, the path that runs through the record. Including estimates of the amount of energy in the body that are burned in bicycling, etc. It also features a wheel lock automatically when the user walks away from the bike

Indeed, the Copenhagen Wheel

Although it has been developed and launched in 2009, but there is also a prototype only. But recently the company Superpedestrian In the U.S., the Copenhagen Wheel is produced is actually sold. The price of $ 699 per piece goods to be sold, it is the size for the appearance, the 26-inch bicycle wheels

who love cycling and want to purchase at Copenhagen Wheel can be ordered here by Superpedestrian. Will begin shipping early next year

Source – Engadget: 1 , 2



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