Raspberry Pi PCs powered vibrant Kano, who was accompanying them.





this out for awhile now. But still interesting for people who want to assemble their own home PCs in gently. Or looking for cheap PCs to children. Kano to practice programming with PC suite, built on the base of the Raspberry Pi component surrounded by bright colors. Funding on Kickstarter just not long

Kano is a clear case that comes with the equipment needed for basic computer usage. Consisting of a keyboard and touchpad, speakers, 8GB memory card containing the operating system inside. Transparent cover and frame for the Raspberry Pi again the Kano OS operating system is derived from Debian again and adjust the user interface to bright. For more children Has guided the development of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Eben Upton, founder and others. Website of teaching programming Codecademy

Highlights of Kano is the price at just only $ 99 (or $ 119 free shipping worldwide) and also includes easy to assemble it takes only 107 seconds to open

for people with Raspberry Pi can already order a clear case. And other equipment at a cost of 49 dollars and Kano OS before anyone can try in December. But to the set, usually in the month of June 2014, the device comes in a set can be viewed below

Source – Kickstarter



                     Raspberry Pi, Codecademy,



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