dtac Founder Institute in cooperation with the operators push Thailand to global market.

dtac continues to strengthen its own to accelerate the project by announcing a partnership with Founder Insitute project, the major operators. Silicon Valley After recently completing their own projects to Wizard of Apps on recently

Founder Insitute is training entrepreneurs start and grow in Silicon Valley. Not currently established for over 4 years now and has pushed the company has more than 1,000 properties in 42 cities worldwide have trained approximately 550 people

strengths Founder Institute is to have a mentor (mentor) row in the cities. With this project The famous and familiar names are inevitable Former Elon Musk, founder of PayPal and CEO of Tesla in Thailand is Adrian Vanzyl Ardent Capital CEO and founder Paul Srivorakul Ensogo

for the Founder Institute in Thailand began accepting applications from today until December 7 to apply, go to http://fi.co. / join (with an entry fee of $ 25) will be an online test, which evaluates the results of testing by the Office of the Founder Institute in Silicon Valley too. The project will begin on 10 December, including tote project lasted 14 weeks,

Founder Insitute

training process is divided into 15 stages, covering three main objectives. From the refined ideas Business substrate And finished product release. The back end of the project to the Founder Institute will feature a Demo Day with investors to listen to the side with dtac will also be monitored through the work of this project possible. And may have assisted in terms of resources. Allows the model to earn money. To invest in entrepreneurs that

Founder Institute estimates that would have been accepted into the program are 20-30 and is expected to be trained about 15 people here



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