Baidu users access the internet more than 65%, then Thailand, sending eight primary services market through Thailand.

Internet users in Thailand leaves familiar names with Baidu (a Chinese saying goes, read the box), which came into operation in Thailand some time ago with the launch of several products. The most familiar is probably PC Faster application acceleration for PC

the overall market this year, Baidu has done well, eat a slice of the search market in China, up to 72% more searches than 5,000 million times per day, and has active users per day, up to 500 million. The course is the largest Chinese website in the world to

Baidu currently

the business was valued at 53,000 million as the company’s revenue increased from the prior year more than half a million dollars in 3580

Baidu is available in many hands. But with the strategic development services to meet the lifestyles of each country. Marketed in Thailand, there are 8 products both on PCs and Android, which is now accessible to Internet users in more than 65% and

starting with the first service. Baidu PC Faster , who arrived in Thailand since version 2.0 is now updated to version 4.0 with a new user interface overhaul. Are both flat And frosted glass modish to

within the Baidu PC Faster PC speed, it also packs come with an antivirus program. Baidu Antivirus with

addition, Baidu also has its own browser named. Spark Browser with powerful processing site level with Chrome (I understand that forking of Chrome comes again) with the added feature that is activated with a click. right And drag the mouse into shape Lets download videos to watch offline. And bookmark a site famous for the beginning

culminating with the PC. Hao123 portal website that gathers accessed. Required information on the Internet all in one

side also has an Android app as well, starting with a 4 second stun apps for smartphone applications faster. And longer at DU Battery Saver and DU Speed ​​Booster at work, frankly. come One to adjust the machine to use the battery longer. I cleared the other unnecessary files in the machine to work faster. And a mode that makes the game flow with a focus on resources to applications when the game opens with

on the Android side, it has a browser, Baidu, too, in the name Baidu Browser Frankly feature of this browser is its small size of only 3.4MB, but works faster pace with its competitors. It also has the function of compression to reduce internet use as well

end service on an Android with . PhotoWonder an image on a smartphone. With both functionalities filters. And adjustment of other girls. Top it

plan your next Baidu in 2014 will also focus on the part of the service, as always. Services from within China and is expanding into other regions. Side devices will be focused on the development of the clouds. And there are plans for a research center for innovation in six major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Silicon Valley and Singapore, with the goal that by the year 2019 of Baidu will become the number one platform for new media to reach people. more than half the world And accounted for more than half of the users as well



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