Project Svelte background of Android 4.4, the Nexus 4 teams must use RAM 512MB.

Android engineering team chief

Dave Burke interview with ReadWrite site to Project Svelte features of Android 4.4 KitKat to make skinny. Slim Down

Burke said humorously that he had worked on Project Butter before, but eating butter (butter) fat, so they have to lose weight in the Project Svelte which offset each other then I did not do anything!

goal of Project Svelte: Google is intended to run on the Android 4.4 mobile phone with only 512MB of RAM and I have to force quit the hardware vendors to use Android 2.3 to Android 4.4 instead of behind. Try the Google Nexus 4 is the specification of a decreased cellular level. Start by lowering the RAM to 512MB, reducing the number of cores that run from 4 to 2 cores, reducing the CPU frequency, lower the screen resolution down to 960×540 then forced the team to use a mobile phone on a daily basis

Burke said that the first part of this special version of the Nexus 4 “pain” ever, but it makes Google can squeeze the extent of development of the Project Svelte remaining 4

  • reduce RAM usage (memory footprint) of the system
  • reduce RAM usage of the app that comes with the phone Nexus (or a Google Experience)
  • solution for any application. Problems with memory. To prevent the turntables application
  • a tool to monitor the RAM usage of the app. To provide developers an easy test

the first two goals by breaking out a feature of Android apps on Google Play Google Play Services and make sure that I do not need to be integrated as part of Android, then tune it on the Nexus 4. This special edition

The last two goals

Google found that an important mechanism is verified that app works on the system. And system management applications, however. Then customize it to suit

results of the final goal is to be a tool, named ProcStats (process stats) in developer mode, the Android 4.4, developers can view apps that Apple itself behaves like RAM usage. Google, which was used in the analysis ProcStats own applications as well

Source – ReadWrite



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